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tab.beer is a very simple service that lets you keep track of who you owe beers to and who owes you beers. The tab keeps track of all those times you say "I owe you a beer". It's basically a fancy spreadsheet. You do not buy beer through this website.


You get an authentication link in an email which lets you give beers to people. People you send beers to get an email as well. When you buy the person a beer in real life they can mark an owed beer as paid. You can see totals of your beers owed and beers given.


For fun. Give beers (or coffees) to people for favours or thanks. This was designed for offices where people often help each other out and have regular drinks together, but you can use it for any situation involving drink tabs.


We have no interest in harvesting your data or selling your data. We don't track you. We only store your email address and how many beers are on you tab. We have some server access logs saved to make sure everything works properly but that's about it.